Mungioli Theatricals is privileged to have successfully maintained 50% BIPOC Staff for most of our existence. We have always honored, and continue to honor, the Creative Process of Casting, and while we have always supported and continue to support BIPOC Artists and efforts in all the ways that we can, we acknowledge that we can all, always, do better. And it is toward this that we strive.

We have built our reputation on willingness to have hard conversations and thus expand possibilities; our choices reflect the rich and diverse world in which we live, creating even more insightful and powerful storytelling.

Our record speaks for itself:

The list goes on and on, and we have always done it just that way:

Fully inclusive Storytelling can produce Magic!
We expand artistic visions without ever narrowing options.
We wholly support you and your entire Creative Team.

Contact us! Let us bring Magic to your next Production!