Industry ShowCase Consultancies

Most Professional Theater Training Programs now bring their students to New York (and sometimes Los Angeles, as well) for an Industry ShowCase. What used to be one weekend for Casting Directors, Agents and Industry Personnel has now grown into an entire season.

How do you navigate?
How do you compete?

It is a huge investment of time and money.
How do you make it worthwhile?
What do you need to know?
Is there a way to make it as good as those who’ve been doing it for decades?

Hire a Consultant who has been doing it for decades.

Arnold J. Mungioli [bio] has been a Casting Director and Teacher for over thirty years and has worked closely with faculty members and students to develop, improve and enhance some of the most prestigious ShowCase presentations in Acting and Musical Theater, including:

And Many Others.

A ShowCase Consultancy may include:

An active participant in Industry ShowCases since The League of Professional Theatre Training Programs began, Arnold has served on the Advisory Board of The New Leagues, and is regarded as an expert in the field with an unmatched perspective on ShowCases, and how this vehicle can best serve your Actors as they launch into the industry.

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